Manara | Consulting


The company provides its consulting services in several areas such as organization development and the implementation of management processes, ICT development and marketing. Analysis of the client company is performed as well as the needs and requirements. We make recommendations and work with the client company to bring its performance to international practices with solid infrastructures that enables effective and efficient management and operation and that provides a solid foundation for the client company’s future expansion and growth. Each Development Project is executed via the following Four Stage Development Solution:


Stage One / Assess

During this stage the team Articulates & Defines Change Management Vision, Assesses the As-is Environment (Structure Analysis), Performs Systems Analysis of the current ICT Structure, Performs Gap Analysis and Requirements, and Submits a Proposal for stages 2 ,3 & 4.


Stage Two / Design

This stage designs the appropriate organization such as, the To-Be Environment & Implementation Strategy, the Strategic Structure, Detailed Structure, Organizational Descriptions and Organizational Sizing. At the end of this stage a full proposal for the appropriate organization is submitted.


Stage Three / Construct

In this stage an integrated business processes and systems are constructed such as Procedure Documents & Business Process, Key Process Map, Assignment Matrix (RACI), Key Process Design, HR Capability Model, Business Support Systems Integration.


Stage Four / Implement

In this stage, the company capability is built through to self-sufficiency via training and knowledge transfer using shadow management. Project Manage and implement the new organization per the proposal submitted in the Assess phase with a Company Strategy, a solid company Organizational Structure, a  Project Management oriented Company Culture and a solid Project Management of this project.