Manara | Training


The company provides several training courses tailored to fulfill the needs and requirements of the client organizations and at all levels. These courses include morning and evening classes led by scientifically and linguistically specialized or certified instructors. The company is instrumental in making these courses available with competitive pricing while insuring a high level of quality and currency. These courses where designed after completing a comprehensive study of the training needs of the commercial, industrial, oil and service sectors.


Our Training Methodology

1.   At our headquarter or at the client’s location or at other locations per agreed upon.

2.  Through programs prepared per the customer requirements, in Arabic or English or per agreed upon.

3.  In one day (seminar) to present and discuss a subject important to the client in its field of work.

4.   With changes to an existing training program per clients request.

5. Through an existing 1 to 3 weeks existing training program (concentrated program) to provide the participants with practical and up to date information to gain advanced skills to improve their performance in their line of work in a fast and concentrated way.

6. Through an existing training program in more than 3 weeks (Units Program) to improve the participants’ performance through units each represents a complete short program on its own where the participant can pick and choose which unit to study and receives a certificate after successfully completing that particular unit.

7. Through providing company certificates programs (Certificate Program), after attending the required number of classes and passing all the program unites test, the client receives a certificate.


Our Centers

Our headquarter and its training center are located in Tripoli-Libya in the Dahra area. It provides the company’s consulting and training services to the companies and organizations interested in local training. The company can also provide training in its Ras Hassan Branch location also in Tripoli-Libya. Training can also be provided in other locations in Libya as well as internationally such as in Egypt, Jordan, Turkey, UK, Spain, Tunisia, Morocco, Canada, and the USA.